Zazzle Hack: Cheap and Easy Hang Tags

Exciting news: I now have hang tags for my work.

Coasters with Tags

Aren’t they cute? I know you’re thrilled.

Okay, not really.
But I thought I’d share how I made them because I was pretty gosh-darn pleased with the result.

Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for affordable options to print hang tags for my work for craft shows and when I sell wholesale — something to attach my info to whatever people buy, beyond the usual business card.

My hang tag requirements: double-sided, smallish, sturdy, and above all, cheap!
I’m a lady on a budget and don’t want to spend a bundle on branding.

My solution? A Zazzle hack.
Is that a thing?  I’m making it a thing.

Zazzle’s business cards are economically priced and relatively sturdy, and you can upload your own artwork. The standard business card size, 2 x 3.5″, was way bigger than what I wanted for my tags, so the thought occurred to me — why not divide the card up into three smaller pieces that I could cut up myself?  Sure, it might take a little more work, but like I said:  lady on a budget.

Now, this does require a little bit of Photoshop-savvy, but if you’re familiar with that or some other image-manipulation software, it’s relatively simple.

You’ll need two files for the back and two files for the front of your cards:
– tag front
– tag back
– card front (compiled from 3 tag fronts)
– card back (compiled from 3 tag backs)

The tag front/back image is 1.143×2″ (an odd number, I know)
The card front/back image is 3.5×2″ (standard business card dimensions)

Templates might be helpful, right?
Tag Front and Back Template
Card Front and Back Template

The extra space at the ends of the card was a result of the specific dimensions of my own logo, but it also factors in some of the area that might get cut off in the production of the cards.

After designing the front of your tag, copy and paste the image onto your card front and rotate it 90 degrees to the LEFT. Make two more copies, lining them up according to the template.

Do the same with the back tag, only rotate the image to the RIGHT. I found out the hard way that the front and back images need to be facing in the opposite direction! I had both tag images facing the same way and wound up with tags that are upside down when you flip them over.

I’ve altered my files to reflect the correct directions:
HangTagFront  HangTagBack

I put a faint outline around each tag (which you can do with the stroke feature on Photoshop). This allows you to see where to cut each tag once they’re printed without it being too intrusive on the tag’s design.

After saving, all you have to do is upload the card files to Zazzle and give them your money! (Again with the free advertising? I need to get paid for this.) I’m sure this works with other printing companies as well, but I can’t atest to the final result or the direction of their printer feeds. If anyone is successful with another printing service, I’d love to hear about it!




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