Fiber Organizing Fun

I buy a lot of yarn. Like, a lot. Sometimes it’s to make things for my shop, sometimes because I see something shiny and have very little self-control when it comes to fiber.

In the past, I’ve run into the problem of wanting more of a particular fiber or color, but having no clue where it came from or what the color was called.

Time to organize!
 Are you clapping your hands and jumping up and down a little bit?
Thought so. I know I am.

Now when I get a new color or type of yarn, I take a snippet from the hank, string it through a hole in an index card, and write down what it was and where it came from next to the sample. Take all those index cards together, fold them in half, and with some simple sewing, you can turn it into a little fiber sample book.

Recently, I did one just for Cascade 220 because they have a bajillion colorways.


Here’s what the whole book looks like so far. Ooh, rainbows!


That looks a hot mess, though.
Cut down on the number of colors, and a limited fiber sample book makes a great way for craft show and wholesale buyers to see what colors, textures, and weights are available.


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