Last summer while pregnant with my son, I decided to take a break from knitting things for my shop and instead knitted something for the baby we were expecting.

I made him a bonnet. Not terribly manly, I know, but I saw it on the Purl Bee and thought it was adorable. Really I had no choice.

Once finished, I tucked his man-bonnet away with all his baby things we’d accumulated, and waited for his head size and the right season to align. This never happened. Back in the drawer it went and was forgotten about until a week ago when I stumbled upon it while weeding out his clothes that no longer fit.

We tried it on, and of course his head is too big and it’s summer now, anyway. Knitting Fail.

But as it is just the two of us at home each day for the summer I decided to document the bonnet’s existence.


I think he’s adorable. I might be biased. My husband thinks he looks like a 17th century Puritan. You know, the bonnet-wearing type.

If you’re interested in knitting this bonnet for a small-headed person in your life, you can find it over at the Purl Bee.


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