So, it’s been awhile.

A recent email inquiring as to whether or not I have a blog reminded me that yes, I do in fact. Perhaps I should post in it.

Turns out, babies take up a lot of your spare time. The little man is 6 months now and VERY busy.  Knitting?  Blogging?  My hobbies now include being drooled on and baby entertainment in the form of ridiculous dancing.

Ocassionally, he does take a nap.  If I don’t pass out too, I make things:

Mason jar labels.  I made a bunch of these for a craft show last month and sold absolutely none of them.  They are ALL available in my shop.


Boot cuffs!  My new favorite.  Making lots of these for fall and starting NOW.


Well, that should hold me for another five months.  See you in October (though I’ll try to post sooner)!


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