Mustard Maniac

When you’re shopping, you know that one color that you always buy no matter how many things you already own in said color?  Mine is mustard yellow.  Perhaps you are unfamiliar with this phenomenon and have significantly more self control than I do, so let me explain.  Mustard yellow sweaters?  Four.  Purses?  Three.  I’ve got my eye on several pairs of mustard ballet flats, and if I could track down a pair of mustard pants, we’d be in business.

One does not need four mustard yellow sweaters.

To help curb the mustard mania, I’ve been knitting in that color recently.  This is a crucial time of year for mustard (it’s everywhere in stores!) so I’m attempting to keep it in check by creating with it instead of whipping out the credit card.

I’ve had an idea for a mitten with a split cuff turned into a bow for awhile now, and mustard just seemed to be the perfect color to try it out.  The cuff is a garter stitch with the backside bound off at the top.  The middle of the bow is a separate swatch of stockinette wrapped around the center.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, but might reconfigure the top portion with a different stitch next time.

I’ve also been making lots of boot cuffs recently.  These are in a honeycomb stitch — one of my favorite textures for knit work.  Both the mittens and the boot cuffs are available in my shop.

Am I alone in my crazy color obsession?


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