A Break from Knitting

If I couldn’t work in fiber, I’d work in clay.  I did ceramics throughout college and a few years after, but, as often happens, life got in the way and I just didn’t have the time to spend in the clay studio anymore.  This summer, though, I got back to clay and took a ceramics course through a local arts center.  It was a great refresher and nice to work on something that didn’t involve knitting needles for a change!

One of the things I made that I’m most pleased with was an owl bank for the new baby my husband and I are expecting this fall.  Got to start saving for that college fund now, you know.  Tuition is rising as I type.

I (used to) primarily throw pottery on the wheel, not handbuild, so I was shocked at how long it took to make this little guy.  With wheel throwing, the pace is pretty quick if you’re not doing elaborate decoration, but making this owl involved a meticulous and labor-intensive ten hours of work.  Not all at once, of course.

Rather than glazing it, I used acrylic paint which gave me a greater range of colors to choose from — a fact that I’m absolutely certain my newborn will appreciate.  He will, after all, have his mother’s artistic sensibilities.

The coin slot is on the back, but I can’t show you that part because it has his name on it.  I’m not quite ready to reveal it to the public at large yet.

Hoping you make something that pleases you this weekend!


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