Label Love

Summer always presents me with an interesting situation from a retail point of view.  There are few people who are interested in winter accessories during the hot months of summer, so I’ve been exploring new ideas for knit and crochet non-wearables.
I struggled with what to call these because… well… what are they exactly?  Finally, I settled on Jar Cozies.  They grew out of my undying love for labels.  Here’s what I like about them:
  • They fit onto mason jars and standard size cans, so it’s easy to create a combination of vessel, label, and color that suits you perfectly.
  • All that repurposing of household containers is delightfully eco-friendly.
  • They’re great for organizing the office, craft room, etc.
  • I get to crochet AND embroider on the same piece.  I’m a sucker for combining techniques.

The “Pencils” cozy was the first, but I’m excited about all the other wording possibilities I can extend this to.  My latest editions can be found in the housewares section of my shop on Etsy.

I think I’ll go label something now.


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