Wildflower Inspiration

Wildflowers abound in Maine!  My husband and I just returned from a vacation to Maine where the weather was blissfully cool compared to our usual muggy Virginia heat.  And since I feature wildflowers prominently in my work, I couldn’t help taking an unnecessary amount lots of photographs.  Some will be reference photos for future pieces, others were just because I couldn’t resist.

Nightshade was a flower I hadn’t encountered before.  I love its bold colors and its strange beginning as a green berry-like pod.

My biggest wildflower weakness?  Queen Anne’s Lace.  I think I took about 30 pictures of this field alone.  The dew?  The morning light?  The fog?  It was calling me!

Thistles, with an obliging butterfly.  He let me get pretty close before he perceived me and my giant camera as a threat.

My Foraging New England book describes these bunch berries as an excellent “trail nibble.”  I think they look like the sort of berry your parents warned you not to eat as a kid.  I’ll leave this one to the more adventurous foragers.

I loved the skeletal look of this Queen Anne’s Lace past its bloom.

Not a wildflower, but equally inspiration-worthy:  the deep-fried milky way bar, compliments of the Maine Lobster Festival.

Hope you found something to inspire you today… or if not, at least something good to eat.


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